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Latest Calculators

The Reference section has been updated with a new Target Archery reference section, detailing the distances, faces & number of arrows shot for nearly eighty different FITA or Imperial rounds, and diagrams of the six most common target faces.

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Latest News

Just in time for Valentines Day, the Sports section now contains a set of Festive Target Archery Faces to print out (preferably A3 size or bigger) for a little extra fun at seasonal archery shoots. Instructions are provided to help you print them as multi-sheet posters so you can have them as large as 'normal' archery target faces.

Here you can see one of the Halloween targets in use.

Due to building-maintenance issues, the site has been a little short of attention lately, normal service should resume from now on.

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Newest Numeric Tool

The Every-Purpose calculator, that can calculate all text formulae has had anotherupdate, allowing you to update equations even after the first calculation is complete, so you can easily investigate the effects of changes, or correctmistakes.

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© Copyright Mike Brockington 2004 - 2016   All Rights Reserved

© Copyright Mike Brockington 2004 - 2016   All Rights Reserved