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Latest Calculators

The Chipboard Flooring Calculator has been updated to not only calculate the number of floor-boards you need, but also the number of screws/nails/fixings, and an overall price.

The new Atbash Cypher encoder/decoder allows you to encrypt or decrypt text with the classical Atbash Cypher, with this simple cryptographic tool.

For the electronic engineers & hobbyists among you, there is now an LM317 Calculator so you can calculate the voltage output for a specific setup, or calculate the resistor required to set a particular voltage.

The Modular Results Sheet lets you quickly produce a results sheet for archery competitions, including exactly which categories you need.

The Field Layout Planning Sheet now lets you place an entire set of icons simultaneously, e.g. for all four distances of a Gents 1440

More Calculator News

Latest News

The Year Planner / Weekly Rota calendar-building tool has had another pair of updates to allow you to choose how long your planner last for; and whether to display vertically or horizontally. This calendar-building tool is quite powerful already, but there is more to come over time.

If you are planning a Christmas Fun Shoot, have a look at the Festive Target Archery Faces that you can print yourself, which has been updated with three new Christmassy designs. Instructions are provided to help you print them as multi-sheet posters so you can have them as large as 'normal' 40cm, 60cm or even 80cm or 120cm 'full face' archery target faces.

One of the new Christmas target faces.

More News

Newest Numeric Tool

The Every-Purpose calculator, that can calculate all text formulae has had anotherupdate, allowing you to update equations even after the first calculation is complete, so you can easily investigate the effects of changes, or correctmistakes.

More New Utilities, Tools & Generators

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© Copyright Mike Brockington 2004 - 2018   All Rights Reserved

© Copyright Mike Brockington 2004 - 2018   All Rights Reserved