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The new Expanded Fibonacci Series Generator now operates with 'infinite precision'. This makes it run a little slower, so a step-by-step progress indicator has been added.


The Accountant's Calculator has been updated with a context-menu which allows you to correct any mistakes, remove an entry entirely, or clear all results. Just click on the relevant entry in the output area and make your choice from the menu that will appear to the right.


Bug Fix: The 'Clear Results' button has now been updated to work correctly with the new, 'rich format' results panel.


All new calculators will now produce their results in a formatted panel. Existing calculators will have their 'plain-text' results areas replaced in due course. Further enhancements to the output will follow shortly.

New Calculators


For those of you who are curious about numbers, and special sequences of numbers, a simple generator of the Classic Fibonacci Series has been created in the Mathematics section.


Already used regularly in this office; an Accountant's Calculator, has been added to the Finance section. This calculator is useful for anyone who needs to add up a list of prices, costs, salaries etc.


A new calculator to work out all of the dimensions of a rectangular object, such as a cube or cuboid, can now be found in the Maths> 3-Dimensional Geometry section. This calculator is particularly useful for estimating material (such as concrete, earth or sand) required to fill a particular space, or to specify the amount of wood or metal required to hold a particular volume. Densities of twenty different materials are provided, covering the majority of situations, but if you need more, leave a comment in our 'Guestbook', and it will be added immediately.

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