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This page allows you to do various calculations regarding the speed, acceleration and distance travelled by an object falling under gravity. Gravitational figures are provided for various bodies in the solar system, as well as here on earth, or you can enter your own specific choice.
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Current vertical speed, technically known as Velocity.
Initial vertical speed relative to the particular reference point, usually ground level or sea level.
Rate of Acceleration, in freefall this will be equal to 'g' the acceleration due to Gravity, and is therefore the same as 'g' below.
This calculator assumes theoretical conditions, ie zero friction, and that the effect of gravity does not change. In reality, the force of gravity decreases slightly with height, particularly if approaching another stellar body, such as either the sun or the moon.
Time before or after a specific starting point.
Vertical displacement - distance / height above or below a reference point.
Acceleration due to gravity, usually measured in metres per second (m/s).


v = u + at
y = 0.5 g t2


  1. Enter each known quantity into the relevant text-boxes.
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  3. A results area will appear at the bottom of the page, showing the missing values.
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